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A Professional Services Firm

We are a professional services advisory firm:
we advise and counsel our clients in the areas of insurance risk management, compliance, insurance litigation management, government affairs, regulatory affairs, corporate strategy and entertainment. Our firm's professional staff is comprised of lawyers, government, regulatory and compliance consultants, risk managers and subject matter experts who team together to craft sound advice and insightful "solutions" for our clients.

Chicago IL,Atlanta GA and Washington DC

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Crafting Multidisciplinary Solutions

Our professionals in different practice areas work seamlessly together in a team approach to provide our clients with full service, business-oriented solutions to their needs. We are active in all major industries, including, among others, financial services, manufacturing, telecom, retail, software, medical devices, green technologies, e-commerce, fashion, energy, aerospace, entertainment, and consumer products.

We Know the Power of Information

Regulatory Practice Groups

Government and Regulatory Practice Group (GARP)

Our firm represents corporations, Associations, Campaigns, Candidates, local, state and foreign governments, as well as Political Action committees, in a wide array of matters relating to their dealings with governmental and regulatory bodies, at all levels, including, but not limited to: General government affairs counseling; Government regulation, including appearing before regulatory bodies such as the FTC, FDA, and all insurance regulatory bodies, lobbying, legislative analysis, regulatory analysis, governmental and regulatory impact assessment, and much more.

Additionally, DK represents candidates, campaigns and PAC's in formation, regulation, policy crafting, FEC hearings and other regulatory compliance issues.

Our firm has also counseled candidates and campaigns on strategy and the legalities of fundraising. We also assist candidates and campaigns in election challenges and other issues relating to ballot security.

Finally, our firm has, for many years, been on the cutting edge of political crisis management, representing candidates and campaigns, as well as corporations, and PAC's in crisis situations before regulatory, governmental, and legal, bodies.

Risk/Insurance Practice Group (RIPG)

DK has a national reputation for representing Insurance companies, Insured businesses, Insurance service firms, Insurance agencies and producers and other insurance related entities, in matters relating to risk management, crisis management, compliance, litigation Management, catastrophic loss claims counseling, risk evaluation and remediation, loss control and survey work, large loss claims investigation, insurance coverage disputes and insurance legal defense consulting.

Our firm also provides crisis management counseling to both insured and uninsured businesses and in some cases, individuals, typically government officials. For our businesses clients, DK is typically the first call following a catastrophic loss wherein we act as the public facing conduit for information and negotiations with plaintiff's attorneys, government and regulatory bodies and the media.

Additionally, DK is known nationally for the representation of agencies, producers, insurers and insured before insurance regulatory bodies.

The firm also is adept at developing lobbying campaigns on behalf of its Insurance industry Clients, and other clients interested in insurance, tort and industrial policy reform.

Firm Memberships in the insurance area includes: Insurance Loss Control Association, Association of Government Affairs Professionals, Insurance Litigation Management Institute, Global Association of Risk Professionals, The Defense research institute, RIMs.

Enterprise Advisory/Capital and Acquisition group (EA/CA)

Our firm’s professionals-lawyers, consultants, subject matter experts- advise corporate enterprises on a myriad of matters including capital acquisition, trade, import export, business acquisition, finance, compliance, corporate intelligence, startup, investments, government contract acquisition and more.

Additionally, this group is responsible for the management of DK’s captive enterprises and investments that operate in several service businesses and make stock and other equity investments.

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